As an online marketing consultant, I’m often asked the same website questions:

Website queries that we’re often asked

  • My business doesn’t appear in Google searches (SEO)
  • I created my old website – it needs updating
  • I want to chat to someone local about my website needs
  • I need a website that is simple to manage myself
  • I want to get a new website quickly
  • I don’t have a large budget

We specialise in creating websites for small businesses such as tradesman, shops, consultants and those that offer services in and around Hertfordshire. All these types of start up businesses have the same website issues:

Answers to common website questions

So with the above in mind, we’ve answered some of the questions that we are most frequently asked by new clients:

How do I get Google to find my website?

It’s not enough these days to create a website and expect people to find your site via Google. Your site needs to adhere to Google’s search criteria. This is known as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Google is able to maintain it’s 80% share of the World’s internet browsers by only delivering the best quality websites in its search results. It does this by using a complex algorithm which matches the word or phrase entered into Google against an index of millions of webpages. By following some simple rules, we’ll help Google find and read the pages on your website to give it the best chance of ranking well in Google’s search results.

How do I get a more modern looking website?

This is the most common reason small businesses ask us to create a new website. The visual appeal of your website is vital if you want visitors to explore your site further and ultimately convert them into a paying customer. Research has shown that you have less than 8 seconds to convince the visitor that they have landed on the right page otherwise they will leave. This is known as a ‘bounce’. Your goal should be to keep your bounce rate low. We create beautiful looking websites using WordPress and can advise you on exactly what visual elements you need to include to ensure your visitor stays longer on your site.

How do I find someone local that can help with web queries?

Based in Tewin, near Welwyn in Hertfordshire, we specialise in helping local start ups and small businesses (those usually on a tight budget) reach their objectives. We create great looking websites that are loved by Google, your visitors, the users (that’s you) and social media. Our fees are lower than you might think plus we provide training, logo and business card design services plus ongoing website maintenance if required. We’re based near Welwyn Garden City in Hertfordshire. See map.

How can I get a website that I can easily manage myself?

Many of our clients have bought off the shelf packages that claim to be ‘easy to use’ but find they can get so far but fail to make the site look professional enough to go live. This is where we can help. We’ll create your site using WordPress and give you one-to-one training after the site is finished. Thereafter, we’re available via email should you need further help. However, most of our clients pick up WordPress very easily and find they only need to ask one or two questions before going it alone. This has the major benefit that you are no longer paying ongoing design fees every time you want something changed on your website.

How long will it take to create my website?

This is another question we are often asked and for good reasons. The quicker the site is live, the quicker you can start promoting your business or selling your products. We can have a workable site ready for you to view within two weeks. Then you should allow a further couple of weeks to tweak the site so that it matches your needs exactly. The reason for a quick turnaround is the fact that we customise existing website templates rather than create bespoke sites from scratch. To the end user, you can’t tell the difference, and this method also keeps the cost very low indeed.

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