Website Tips for Small Businesses in Hertfordshire

At we not only create great looking, effective and affordable websites designed for small businesses in Hertfordshire, we also provide great website advice – it’s all part of the service. So if you have a website question, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why upgrade Your WordPress website?

Find out why you should consider upgrading your wordpress website and see examples of our clients’ upgrades.

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Does your website work well on mobiles?

Google has announced an algorithmn update in favour of sites that work well on mobiles – does your website work well on mobiles or tablets? Find out more.

Drive more traffic to your website

What to consider when redesigning your homepage

Your website has two important audiences As well as your main business objectives, a good website should also be designed to meet the needs of: your potential customers and Google Let’s consider what both these audiences will be asking: 1. Potential customers When a customer lands on your website homepage you have less than 5 seconds […]

Drive more traffic to your website

9 simple low cost ways to drive more traffic to your website

How can your website attract more visitors? When people think of promoting their business they often assume this means spending large amounts of money on advertising which often generate little or even no return. However there are various effective and low cost marketing activities that every small business owner should be doing. Here’s 9 simple low […]

7 great reasons to use wordpress

7 great reasons to use WordPress

Why do so many people choose WordPress for their website? Over 60 million people have websites created in WordPress; here’s why: 1. WordPress is very user-friendly. You can easily edit content, photos, menus and links yourself – no need to be a computer expert 2. It is very cost-effective to use WordPress because you’ll be […]

How to set up a website

How to set up a website

How to set up a website Here are the 4 key areas you should focus on if you are thinking of setting up your new website: 1. How to choose a domain name A domain name will be the address of your website. It will cost you around £10 + VAT per year. Search for […]