How can your website attract more visitors? When people think of promoting their business they often assume this means spending large amounts of money on advertising which often generate little or even no return. However there are various effective and low cost marketing activities that every small business owner should be doing.

Here’s 9 simple low cost marketing activities:

1. Add free quality content to your website
Add some free quality content on your website (like this page) and share links to it via your social media pages. If you are not active on social media you are missing out.  So put aside a few hours tomorrow to set up business pages on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

2. Optimise your web pages
Optimise your web pages so that Google and other search engines can identify your web content clearly and match it against search terms. This involves adding search terms (ask your friends & family what they might type into Google to find your product or service) into headings, content, links & image alt tags. BUT be careful not to ‘keyword stuff’. The content on your website should flow naturally.

3. Register with relevant online and reputable directories
Register your website on relevant online directories. is a favourite but within your sector or local area there will be other relevant online directories – which are often free to register your business details. BUT beware of sites that are set up purely to create website links – these can actually damage your Google rating.

4. Create a video
Create a ‘how to’ video and upload it to You Tube. You can do this using the video camera on your phone. When uploading it to You Tube ensure you complete all the description fields so that your video is more likely to appear in You Tube search results and your video is linked to your website.

5. Ask for customer recommendations
Ask your customers to say thanks for your products or services via their social media sites. Sharing a simple customer recommendation on Facebook with a link to your website can generate quality traffic.

6. Write a press release
Got something to shout about? Perhaps you’ve won an award, just had your 1000th customer or you’ve won a big contract that will generate local jobs. Whatever your story, write a simple press release (search on Google for a template) and email it to your local papers. Your local paper journalists will also be on Twitter – tweeting them a link to the press release on your website is often a quicker way to get a response.

7. Give something away for free
Launch a prize draw or giveaway a freebie. Create a page on your website explaining how to enter or how to get the freebie. Then share that page via your social media channels.

8. Encourage people to share your web pages
Add social media icons to pages on your website that people might want to share with their friends – like product pages or hints & tips. You can search on Google for ‘how to add like buttons to a webpage’ or if you are considering upgrading your website then ensure this is part of the brief.

9. Put your web address on all your marketing
Ensure your web address is on ALL your marketing materials not just flyers and business cards. Think about invoices, address labels and even the side or your car!

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