Your website has two important audiences.

A homepage should work well for potential clients and Google

As well as your main business objectives, a good website should also be designed to meet the needs of:

  • your potential customers and
  • Google

Let’s consider what both these audiences will be asking:

1. Potential customers

When a customer lands on your website homepage you have less than 5 seconds to answer their questions:

  • Who are your services for? The key messages on the homepage should highlight who your services are aimed at e.g. domestic or business customers
  • Where you are located? Maps, towns, villages and your address will immediately indicate to a potential customer if you are local
  • What services do you offer? Key services can be highlighted on the homepage with links to dedicated pages that should also be accessible via the main navigation bar
  • How to get in touch? It’s important to show a phone number and email address in your homepage header and in your contact page – don’t just offer a form.
  • Can I trust you? Qualifications, experience, memberships and testimonials should be immediately obvious to the visitor so these should be placed on the homepage
  • How do I find out more? For example, venue details, prices and information about yourself should all be easily accessible via the main navigation bar.

2. Google

Google’s main objective is to deliver the best possible results on its search pages. It does this by asking these questions:

  • What is this page about? Keywords and phrases should be included in relevant and prominent areas on a webpage. This allows search engines to match your web pages to Google’s search queries
  • Is this a trusted website? Is the site linked to from other trusted sites such as directories, industry bodies and in particular, social media. It is important to build quality inbound links to your site.
  • Are they active on social media? If people are sharing pages from your website via social media sites it is a good indication to Google that your content is both valuable and trusted.
  • Is it an easy to use website? Google analyses your visitor traffic and how they behave on your website. Poor results will affect your Google ranking so a clear and simple structure is essential as well as a design that works on all devices i.e. PC, tablet or phone.

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